Welcome to the Oscar Long Family Reunion

2013 Family Reunion Info


This year the annual family reunion will be held on Saturday, July 27th, 2013. A Sunday morning activity is not scheduled this year as in years past.

We have designed it so that there will be NO CHARGE for meals or lodging - how about that!
Coordinators are Ed and Jenny Long (H-503-661-3774) and David Long and Pam Wilson (H 503-524-6679).

Ed and Jenny Long have volunteered to host this reunion at their home on the East side of Portland which has easy access to freeways and the airport. They have a wonderful place with plenty of parking, space for campers and 5th wheels (no plumbing hookups), lawn for tents, play equipment for kids (plus a swimming pool) and even a mini theater for our traditional talent show. Plus, if it's a little rainy, we can handle that just fine.

Last Minute Notes

  1. Lawn Chairs: If you live locally, you may want to bring some lawn/camp chairs. Jenny and Ed have plenty of wood folding chairs, but they aren't the most comfortable when it comes to just relaxing between meals.
  2. Showers: We have 4 bathrooms total - 3 that have showers and/or tubs. *_All_* are available to anyone who wants to camp onsite (not just the shop bathroom).
  3. Potluck Food & Oven Space: "Additions" are welcome. We love all of the aunties' good cooking! It would make things easier for me if those things didn't require oven space as Jenny's is maxed out. Crock pot dishes (meatballs anyone?), room temp. or refrigerated items are fantastic!

    Regarding the potluck lunch - Out-of-towners, please don't feel obligated to bring anything fancy. There are plenty of "in-towners" who are happy to whip things up in their kitchens. Should you stop at the market for something easy, it would be appreciated, but not at all required. In-towners, if your last name is "Long" please bring a main dish and a salad (or side dish). If your last name is not "Long", please bring a main dish and a dessert.


Saturday, July 27th, 2013 10AM to 8/9PM (or whenever the last person turns out the lights).

However for those who just can't wait to get here - the coffee will be on at 9AM.
We'll serve lunch at noon and dinner at 6PM with talent show to follow at 6:45PM. We will want to get counts for meal planning.


The reunion will be held at Ed & Jenny Long's home, the same location as last year.

Address, Google Map, and photos can be found in the Just Family area.

User: long
Password: The first name of Oscar Long's first wife (all lower-case letters). Hint: starts with "n".


No charge. We have volunteers who are putting the meals together and we have that handled. For those who find it convenient, potluck food, produce or small donations are welcome but Aunt Bea, if you are able to come from Alaska, we don't want you to smuggle pies onto the airplane.


This year, Sat July 27th, 2013 reunion, in addition to the folks who were here last year, a number of people are planning to attend who will be traveling from out of town. That will mean that people will need a place to sleep on Fri night, attend the reunion, and sleep on Sat night if they are flying out on Sunday.

We have three options:
  1. Stay with one of the local relatives
  2. Stay on the lawn at Ed and Jenny's in a tent or RV (you can see from the photos they have plenty of nice space)
  3. Stay at a local motel in near Fairview and Troutdale (go to the map on this webpage and type in hotels in the "find nearby" section next to "get directions" and a number of motels will come up). Many are within two miles away but prices vary so check rates.

Woudia and family stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, 1000 Northwest Graham Road, Troutdale, OR 97060, (503) 492-2900 (at exit 16 about 3 miles away) and said she liked it. I called and rooms are available there. Be sure and ask for your AAA or AARP discount. They also have a discount for booking early.

We have option of many family homes with places to sleep. We need to get a list of people who want a place to stay so.... send an e-mail (see e-mail address on this page) if you want us to match you up with a place to stay and we can work that out just fine.

If you want to stay on site overnight Fri or Sat in a tent or RV - great! There is plenty of lawn for tents and area to park a travel trailer or 5th wheel. Water and electricity are not set up but it's only for two nights and we have a kitchen for coffee and food plus a bathroom in the "soda shop & theater area"

Just let us know what you plan to do for lodging so we can keep track of everyone.


E-mail address: reunion@oscarlongfamilyreunion.com
This address goes to both Jenny Long and David Long so we can keep track of people


Long Family Roster

User: long
Password: The first name of Oscar Long's first wife (all lower-case letters). Hint: starts with "n".

We have posted a family roster to track the status of family members attendance this year. It is in a password protected section of this website. We would like people to check the list for accuracy and e-mail corrections to us. We will update the list as we receive updates so check back to this website often.


Pictures for 2006 can be found here: